Why a Book?

Here Today, Here Tomorrow

Nothing beats a company history book when you want to tell customers, employees, family members and other important stakeholders, “We’ve been here for years, we’re a leader today and we’ll continue to be for a long time to come.” In an ever more ephemeral digital-media world, a company history book or family business history book created by Essex Publishing Group stands out. Warm, friendly and accessible, it sends a tangible, timeless message of heritage, stature, stability and endurance—while generating a buzz about the present and excitement for the future.

Companies and families typically hire us to publish books as they approach a significant milestone, when a particular moment in history offers an opportune time to look back and take stock or presents a strategic reason to look ahead. Often this is upon a major business anniversary, but there are many other company and family events that can be successfully leveraged or supported with a book:

Promote Shared Values, Mission and Destiny

A book preserves company and family stories. It reminds people of what they and their predecessors have achieved; it conveys the long-term view and unites people in a shared destiny. A book knits far-flung operations, people and generations—instilling pride, confidence and community, providing inspiration, fostering buy-in during times of change and helping to sustain or shift a corporate culture. In a way that no other medium can, a book conveys an organization’s values and value, letting people know who you are, where you came from, what you stand for and where you are going.