Mergers & Acquisitions

Tell the New Story

Few events offer more promise for a company—or present more challenges—than a major merger or acquisition. Creating a successful future from formerly independent entities takes work on both the hard and soft sides of business. Not least among the tasks is ensuring that everyone in the new organization understands and buys into the mission and that people work together with a shared story—a common sense of purpose and destiny—united by common values.

A company history book powerfully facilitates this unification of organization, corporate culture and perspective—articulating the shared story, subtly citing reasons to believe and spotlighting the priorities, principles, values and practices that will make the blended company succeed. A history book will also explain to outside audiences—customers, shareholders and partners, for example—how the merger will help the company deliver more value to them.

Talk to the Experts

For more than ten years the Essex Publishing Group team has been North America’s leader in business book publishing, helping to improve the effectiveness of mergers and acquisitions. The book our team produced for Anadarko Petroleum helped integrate Kerr-McGee and Western Gas Resources in mergers in 2006, and two years later we used a book to help Progress Energy continue bringing together the workforces of Carolina Power & Light and Florida Progress years after their 1999 merger.

Planning a major merger or acquisition? Still working through human resources or communication issues from a recent business combination? Contact Essex Publishing Group today and see how we can help you do the job.