Creating Your Book

Every Book, Like Every Client, is Unique

Every company history book or family business history book that we produce is custom, having its own unique mission, audience, style, specifications and cost. For this reason we start every project with our clients’ business, marketing, communication, human-resource or family objectives and a sense of their corporate culture and corporate brand. This way, the book embodies the client’s desired spirit, message, look and tone while having the greatest possible impact among target audiences.
We specialize in bringing an organization’s or family’s story to life with a strategically told, compelling look at the traditions, actions, vision, aspirations, personalities and culture that shaped it. With your ongoing guidance and approval—and as much day-to-day involvement as you wish—the principals of our company will work hands-on to produce a company history book or family business history that is uniquely yours, using interviews with dozens of people, your archived stories and images and other resources as raw material.

Collaboration in a Turnkey Package

Essex Publishing Group will expertly manage the entire process from concept to delivery of bound books. We provide single-source accountability—collaborating with you while we coordinate an experienced and dedicated team that has solved almost every challenge imaginable, from tight deadlines to shortages of archival material to unexpected changes in story lines.
As an Essex Publishing client, you’ll have full ownership of your book. The copyright will be in your company or family name. Nothing will appear in the book without your knowledge and approval, and you alone will have the right to distribute or sell it. When a project is done, we’ll have done our job if we exceeded your expectations, if you are delighted with your book, if your book is having its intended impact and if you found our working relationship personally and professionally rewarding.