Corporate Branding

Convey Your Brand’s Promise

A book provides a powerful way to define and flesh out a corporate brand—giving brand managers a tool with which to articulate, in depth, the promise a company makes to its most important constituents. A story is essential to myth making, itself a crucial aspect of building and sustaining a brand. With a book you can strategically craft and tell the full story of a product, service or company, providing credible evidence of its unique value to customers, shareholders, employees or other stakeholders.

The motivations of a company founder, the context of decisions made, the behavior of employees in good times and bad, the fight for better quality, the difference made in a customer’s life: each of these is an important element of a company’s brand. A company history book or family business history book will focus readers on such elements, wrapped in a great backstory and presented with the right detail to elicit belief in the brand’s promise.

Reach Hearts and Minds

Warm, tangible, inviting and approachable, a book is the perfect relationship builder—one that speaks to the heart as well as the mind, doing its work under the radar, defining what a company is and stands for and adding positive meaning to its products and services. Whether you’re launching a new corporate brand or reinforcing or reinvigorating an existing one, move beyond taglines and iconography. Publish a book.